Holy Whannoli!
It’s a Whoo(pie) Pie and a Cannoli! (The one and only!)
Available for purchase in-store only or on the wagon only

When the Topsfield Bakeshop developed the Whannoli, they knew it was love at first bite! This is Boston’s answer to the New York Cronut! Half Whoo(pie) and half Cannoli!

What they didn’t know, was how quickly the name would catch on! Within the first month of introducing the “What is that chocolate thing?” came, “Please tell me you have Whannolis”! The Whannoli as well as the name caught on so fast, that the Topsfield Bakeshop is producing an abundant supply daily!

So we ask; have you tried the Whannoli? If not, what are you waiting for? Stop in today or call to order and taste the best thing to hit New England since The Whoopie Wagon!

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